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This is the page where all the links to the boring (but important) legal shizz is stored...

Privacy Policy for Rynozerus Industries:

Privacy is taken seriously under the new GDPR guidlines, and Rynozerus Industries also takes these regulations seriously. To view the privacy policy for Rynozerus Industries, please visit the google doc here.

Terms of Service for Rynozerus Industries:

Rynozerus Industries also has a Terms of Service document for when you purchase a commission or product from Rynozerus Industries. This will not conflict with your GDPR rights. The Terms of service can be viewed here.

For more information on either the Terms of Service or the Privacy Policies for Rynozerus Industries, please feel free to contact Rynozerus using the relevant contact method in the footer of the website that suits you. Although not required, the ideal contact method is Telegram.

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